Thursday, August 27, 2009

Creamy Spaghetti

The crock pot is already bubbling away with tonight's dinner which is Creamy Spaghetti. I posted this recipe once before and you can find it here. Today is a cold, rainy day so this warm meal will be perfect with some garlic bread and a garden salad. We really loved this dish last time and I am very much looking forward to dinner tonight!

Thanks to those of you who chimed in with comments on my last post. I agree with all of you and I will not be saying anything. I think the reason I didn't say anything right away is because it felt wrong - we all need to follow our gut instincts more, right?

My daughter was so cranky this morning, I think it was the weather. Plus she is not used to getting up early yet, and then she dilly-dallys and then I am rushing her to get out the door on time. It is not pleasant to say the least. I think we need to move her bedtime up a little and get her up a little earlier so she doesn't have to be rushed, and so she is still getting enough sleep. Any hints or tips any of you more experienced moms can send my way? I'd appreciate it!

Happy eating!


  1. this sounds good, I am going to have to remember this one for the fall.

  2. This sounds very good! I think my mom used to make something like it!

  3. yum, I love crock pot meals, they make life easier :)

    About 7:30 pm I have my kiddos start getting ready for bed, teeth, showers, jammies. At about 7:50 we have family scripture study & prayer. Then I let the older kids read in bed, or hubby and I read to them all (We count this as their school reading time too) until lights out at 8:30 pm.
    At about 7:00 each morning I turn on their lights and give them till 7:30 to get their selves out of bed before I start harassing :)
    We have lunched and back packs packed up the night before. So really all they have to do is eat, brush teeth, dress and hair. Then we are out the door at 8:15 to walk to school.
    Some days are just crabby days, Miss K was having one herself this morning, oh well we all have bad days :)

  4. that creamy spaghetti sounds delicious!! I'm going to make it when things cool down here

    my kids are all grown now, but I remember it took a few days to get them back onto school routines. Adjust her time going to bed just a bit each night and get her up a bit more earlier in the morning and it will all even out (eventually). My son was never an early riser so it was always a struggle to get him up and going, no matter what plans we tried to put in place; but my daughter was an early riser so she was ready and we were always rushing out the door because son was poking around; hoping others come up with good ideas to help you on this one

    enjoy dinner


  5. Thank you all so much for the nice comments and wonderful ideas! You guys are the best!