Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Popcorn Chicken & Mashed Potatoes

I am feeling very unmotivated to make dinner tonight, very blah. Nothing on the list is jumping out at me as exciting. It is another warm day, so I don't want to turn on my oven. Sigh... I guess I will make the popcorn chicken in the toaster oven and instant mashed potatoes on the stove and serve it with the garden salad that is already in the fridge.

I think I am having emotional letdown from the excitement of this morning. It was the first 'real' day of school! Hooray! My little darling did not want to get out of bed, then she took forever to eat her breakfast, and then we had a last minute request for a ponytail. Finally we made it out the door only to run into more traffic than I had expected. The reason for the traffic was due to the police shutting down a main street - the street that runs in front of the school - due to a possible gas leak caused by the construction workers that are resurfacing this street. Are you kidding me?! Thankfully I am familiar with the side street that runs behind the school so once I s-l-o-w-l-y got through the worst of the traffic I zipped to the parking lot. Unfortunately we missed the playground time and so I walked her into the school to the classroom. She was so excited she ran in without giving me a hug or kiss goodbye! I called her back and got the briefest of hugs from her before she scurried back in. At least she wasn't crying and clinging to my legs, right?

Happy eating!


  1. how sweet with the first day of school! you are right, you don't want them clinging, but you do want them to at least show some affection; hope she had a good day!

    I always think the first few days of any change, whether it be the beginning of the school year or the end, can trigger moods or different feelings since we get so used to one schedule and then change to another. I bet in a few days as schedules readjust to school being in, you'll feel less down and ready to tackle some projects when the little one is in school

    dinner does sound good though; we are having leftovers which is always good to clean out the fridge


  2. I am opening a can of tomato soup and making toasted cheese bread from french bread. The first day of school has my rung dry. Mine oldest 3 went off today a little excited a little clingy. I am dying to go pick them up! I am so glad it went well for you 2, I hope the street is cleared at pickup time :)

  3. It's so strange to hear people talking about kids already back in school. We still have two more weeks to go here!