Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lemon Bars, Tuna Salad, Spaghetti, & Nachos

Today I made lemon bars for dessert/snacking through the week, tuna salad and spaghetti for lunches, and nachos for dinner. Whew! That's a lot of dishes in my sink - heehee! The lemon bar recipe is from Bakerella and you can get the recipe here. The tuna salad is just canned tuna (drained) with mayo, sour cream, mustard, onion powder and celery salt. The spaghetti was a repeat of one I made the other night and the recipe is here. Last but not least, the nacho recipe can be found here.

Tomorrow is the first day of school! But it's not really because it is Get Acquainted Day and I get to go with my daughter. The day will start in the chapel and then we'll go to her classroom and put away all her supplies and do a little project. Then there is a PTL luncheon and that is it. She doesn't even have to wear her uniform. Tuesday is the real first day.

We went to Rocket Park today, which is not it's real name, but that is what we call it because of the HUGE rocket shaped climbing equipment. It has tons of different ways to climb all over it and lots of slides too. Our daughter loves it and wore herself out, and we had fun watching her have so much fun. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday too!

Happy eating!


  1. I took a look at the nacho recipe and am going to make it this week; sound delicious!

    good luck to your daughter as she starts a new school year this week! tomorrow sounds like a fun one!


  2. I hope you and your daughter have a good first day of school!