Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pepperoni Pan Pizza (again)

Okay, I know I just made this pizza last Tuesday, but it is SO good I had to make it again! I already had the sauce because the recipe makes double what you need, and I already had all the dough ingredients, and we always have pepperoni in the fridge, so I all had to buy was the mozzarella ball for $4. Plus today I had the time, and the taste, for the pizza. It is in the oven now and the house smells heavenly! Click here for the recipe.

Seriously, I would never make this or other things that require real dough before I got the Kitchenaid stand mixer. For instance, peragi. No, not perogi, the icky boiled Polish things with sauerkraut in them. (Sorry, I am half Polish and I love sauerkraut, but I hate perogis.) Peragis are from Latvia and I am half Latvian. They are delicious little baked buns filled with pre-cooked bacon and onion.

I tried to make them ages ago without the stand mixer, but my dough was thick and tough. I will definitely be trying them again now that I have the mixer. Plus my dad, who came to America in 1950(ish), told me that he remembered making them with his grandmother and they would roll out the dough real thin and then cut out circles with a biscuit cutter. I had been tearing off little pieces of dough and rolling them flat, which of course made the dough even tougher from all that handling. When I first looked up the recipe on the internet the measurements were all metric, which was fun to convert (not).

On a completely different topic: I know that you should NEVER wake a sleeping baby, but what about a sleeping husband? He is napping on the couch; do I wake him to share the delicious pizza? He had a long morning working in the heat and it sucked the life out of him, poor baby. Hmmm... decisions, decisions...

Happy eating!


  1. I've never heard of peragi before. They sound good!

    I don't have a KA, but then, I like kneading dough by hand!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my kitchen aid, if it died I would be so sad :(

  3. I think repeats like the pizza are always good to do, especially if you have all the ingredients and everyone likes it! (I'm 100% Polish and I do like the Polish perogies, but I haven't had them in ages, like sauerkraut too :) I have never tried the Latvian kind, but they sound delicious!!

    enjoy the day :)