Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sally's Family Restaurant

This morning we were scrambling to get out the door on time for our daughter's eye doctor appointment. She and daddy had toast with butter and strawberry jam for breakfast and I just had coffee with half'n'half. Of course the doctor was running about 1/2 hour behind schedule, at 10:30am no less. I wonder how the rest of her day went... But good news, my little ones eyes are in tip-top shape. I have worn glasses since 5th grade, but my husband has had better than 20/20 vision all his life. Needless to say, I am hoping she takes after him. She already has his blue eyes, so I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Then we did some shopping and came home for lunch. The kid had pepperoni, cheddar cheese, 1/2 a Pink Lady apple, and some Cheez-Its. I had gravy bread (french bread dipped in Italian beef juice) and some grape tomatoes. I don't think my husband ate anything. Then we were lazy, but motivated ourselves to get some yard work done. By the time we realized it it was dinnertime and I was feeling dizzy from lack of food, so we went to Sally's for dinner.

Sally's is a great family place that serves everything all the time and has wonderful service and food. I had a Reuben deluxe that came with the BEST cream of broccoli soup, and since my kid ate most of it I ordered a bowl to take home. The kid had a scrambled egg and sausage and the husband had a patty melt. We thought about dessert, but we were too full. Plus I have cookies'n'cream ice cream in the freezer!

Happy eating!


  1. Sally's Family Restaurant sounds delicious; I love places like this! that soup sounds like something I would enjoy too; I like broccoli/cheddar soup

    glad your daughter's eyes checked out good! I started wearing glasses in 3rd grade; glad to be able to see, but would have preferred not to; hoping daughter got your hubby's gene for good vision

    have a good Sunday


  2. Sounds like a great place to eat out. My kids always want to try whatever I'm eating when we go out, even if its something that I could never in a million years get them to eat at home, kids! Glad the eye app. went well, good luck to Mom on the first day of school, I think its a lot harder on us than on them :)

  3. We haven't gone out to dinner in months. We live in a small town so there aren't many choices without driving a distance. Makes me miss the days when we lived in the suburbs!