Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Breakfast For Dinner, Again

I must start by saying that the spaghetti sauce last night was delish! We each had seconds, it was SO good. That recipe definitely makes it into the rotation!

Tonight we are having breakfast for dinner. I will make omelettes stuffed with American cheese and my pico de gallo for me and the hubbie, and scrambled eggs for my kid. I have a roll of pork sausage to make patties, and a box of english muffins too. Nothing fancy, but it will be good.

I was reading all the blogs I follow this morning and I found a lot of new recipes I can't wait to try. Some people are just so creative when it comes to food, such as Heidi who thought of putting string cheese into manicotti noodles for Easy To Stuff Manicotti; how great is that?! Or Krista who sprinkles the bread with balsamic vinegar for her bruschetta; doesn't that sound wonderfully yummy?! Or Bakerella who turns a ruined chocolate cake into Triple Chocolate Trifle - heaven in a bowl! These are truly inspired people and I hope someday I am half the cooks they are. Thanks for sharing, ladies!

I am also trying to tame my "main cookbooks" this morning. I have two 3-ring binders; one for dinners, breakfasts, soups, appetizers and side dishes, and another for cookies, cakes, pies, desserts and drinks. I don't like to buy cookbooks, I prefer to borrow them from the library and copy out the recipes that I want to try. I also tear recipes out of magazines and the newspaper, and print them from the Internet. Then I put them all in the front pocket of the binders and it ends up a big mess. So I am trying to organize all these loose recipes by taping them to paper and 3-hole punching them and putting them in the binders under the correct categories. It's a work in progress to say the least. But it also saves me from having 500 cookbooks and never being able to find that one recipe I am looking for...

Happy eating!


  1. Aww, thanks for following!

    Breakfast for dinner is awesome. Omelets are a go-to around here too. Sounds great!

  2. I love having breakfast for dinner, too. My kids always ask for pancakes.

    Your recipe collection sounds like mine. I keep meaning to organize it better and get rid of the recipes we didn't like because my binder is bursting at the seams!