Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fast Food For All

Today was spent cleaning the kitchen, from top to bottom. I took everything off the tops of the cabinets and washed it; vases, candles, pitchers, bottles. Then my hubbie washed the ceiling and the walls. We have that plastic tile from the 40's in a pretty white/yellow/green combination; it's easy to clean. Then I cleaned the ceiling fan, he did the countertops, and I mopped the floor. Whew.

We also have a house guest for a week - my husband's brother's dog, Molly. She is a medium sized mutt, 13 years old, and very lovable. She spent most of today pacing around, I would guess looking for her daddy, poor thing. I hope she isn't too anxious all week.

So after working in the kitchen and worrying about the dog we had to run to Target and while we were out we got McDonald's for my girl, Taco Bell for me, and Subway for my husband. Sorry there is no recipe! Tomorrow - I promise!

I checked out Paula Deen's The Deen Family Cookbook from the library and it has some really great seafood recipes in it that I can't wait to try. Of course, it's Paula Deen so every recipe has cheese, butter, bacon or a combination of those things - oh, and it will also need to be fried! Joking aside, I love dear Paula and her wonderful recipes. And I never miss a show when her son Jamie is on, he makes things extra yummy (if you know what I mean!). LOL

Happy eating!


  1. I love a clean kitchen!

    Paula Deen does have some amazing recipes, doesn't she?

  2. After all that cleaning, who wants to mess it up with cooking? I'd hit a drive thru with my family too. We do the same thing. I'll crave something, my daughter another, and my husband a third. Sometimes (if we have time) we hit a couple drive thrus for one meal.

    Glad that you had a productive day!