Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Burgers On The Grill

My FiL is coming over for dinner again and tonight I am making Cheeseburgers and Cherry Tomato Kebabs on the grill. I will put steak seasonings, steak sauce, and Worcestershire sauce in the ground meat for the patties so they come out juicy and tasty. I have sliced sharp cheddar cheese to melt on top, it's a nice change from American cheese, along with lettuce, sliced tomatoes and onion to pile on. The cherry tomatoes will get a splash of olive oil, plus salt and pepper, the wood skewers are already soaking in water. I also bought coleslaw and potato salad which I will doctor up with additional seasonings and stuff.

One of my neighbors dogs, Lyric, is visiting me and right now she is making whining and moaning noises in the kitchen. I am not sure if she wants to be let back outside or if she just wants some attention. I'll go check on her... she just wanted some belly rubs, she rolled over and showed me her tummy as soon as I walked in. She is a golden lab and kinda looks like Martha from Martha Speaks, which is both a kids TV show and series of books. Her brother, Luke, is larger than her and looks a lot like Skits (the other dog in the show/books) except Luke is white, not brown. We have a gate in the fence that separates our backyards and the dogs are always in our yard and house. They are beautiful, friendly dogs and I don't mind picking up poop and having dog hair on my couch because they make me feel safer. I will let my daughter play alone in the yard if the dogs are out there because they bark at everyone. Of course I am always in the kitchen when they are out there, which has a door to the backyard, to keep an eye on them all. Pets are such wonderful things to have in your life. My dear black cat of 18 years, Endora, died last year in May. I miss her a lot, and I hope to adopt two cats from one of the local shelters soon. I love dogs, but I prefer to have cats.

Today is my daughters last day of preschool! She is not signed up for any summer classes, although I am hoping to find some swimming lessons for her. I bought pretty pink flowering plants as Thank You gifts for her teachers and I need to get them into the pots I have for them. Which means I need to stop blogging and get some work done before it is time to go pick her up.

Happy eating!


  1. Yummmm. Do you cut up the cherry tomato or do you just leave them whole before you skewer them and soak them?

  2. The skewers I use are wood so you have to soak them for atleast a half hour first or they will catch fire on the grill. Then right before I am ready to cook I put whole cherry tomatoes on the skewers. If you cut them in half all the yummy juices inside would run out.

  3. Burgers on the grill, mmmmmmmmmmm! The cherry tomatoes sound excellent, too!