Friday, June 12, 2009

Fend For Yourself

Yes, it is Friday, but we will not be having pizza tonight. I'll give you a moment to recover from shock... feeling better? I did not buy any frozen pizzas today and the funds are low so we won't be ordering one either. The hubbie and I looked over the Dinner Ideas list, but nothing struck us as "oooh, I want that!" so we are fending for ourselves.

This basically means that you can eat whatever you want to eat; leftovers, a sandwich, a salad, a can of Chef Boyardee. My hubbie has already eaten a can of Corned Beef Hash and some of those Cheese Squares from last weekend. I am drinking a beer which is making me feel full, so I have not eaten yet. Of course the beer is going right to my head (empty stomach), so I hope I don't get too silly on you. :)

I did do some cooking today. I made the Lemon Bars from the Bakerella blog with my daughter, which threw my "no oven" rule out the window, but oh well. I also made chicken breasts seasoned with salt, pepper and paprika in the skillet, and cucumber/sour cream/dill salad. I also cut up a huge watermelon that I bought and gave half to my neighbor. I also bought an extra head of garlic which I plan to roast tomorrow; is there anything better tasting than sweet roasted garlic? Yummm...

The Dinner Ideas List is a list of the meals I have planned to make for the coming week. This way I am not staring into the fridge or cabinets thinking "what did I want to make with THAT?" while my hungry family waits forever. I can just look at the list and say "that one!" and start cooking. The list is usually based on what is on sale, the weather, and my mood. As you may know, it really helps to know what you are planning to cook when making your grocery list so you can check your pantry for items you may need. It sure beats wandering the store for hours trying to remember if you have egg noodles for Beef Stroganoff.

Happy eating!

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