Sunday, June 7, 2009

Graduation Dinner Out

Today was the closing program/silent auction at my daughter's preschool. The kids, ages 1-5, did a wonderful job singing and otherwise entertaining the audience. They also had a quick "graduation" ceremony for the 3 kids going to kindergarten in the fall, one of which was my daughter. Then the potluck food was devoured and bids placed on items ranging from a handmade mission-style table to Kid Snips gift cards. My aunt bid on, and won, a few hours of plumbing service. We all entered the split-the-pot raffle, but were not so lucky.

Afterward we went to Leona's Italian Restaurant for dinner. Leona's has a few locations around Chicagoland and has been one of my favorite restaurants for years. Their food is consistently good no matter which location you are at and the service is always quick and friendly. And they deliver! I had the Five Cheese Lasagna that comes with a Psychedelic Salad, which is just a bunch of lettuce and veggies arranged in an artful way, but it's fun. My daughter was looking forward to the Fried Ravioli appetizer, but it was no longer on the menu - bummer. She devoured the kid size Cheese Pizza, which she proclaimed was better than my homemade ones (traitor). New on the menu were .80 cent brownie cupcakes with a cheesecake topping and a swirl of raspberry sauce - yum!

I had intended to make a simple Jello dessert today, but time got away from me and I never did. Maybe I'll make it tomorrow. I also want to add that yesterday while the hubbie and kid were out I made the Venetian Paninis I blogged about on May 27th. I love them so much I will eat one everyday this week for lunch!

Happy eating!

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