Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Potato Pancakes & A New Book Club

Tonight I will be making potato pancakes from a Hungry Jack box mix, you just add water and eggs. It is a simple and cheap meal - the box costs under $2. I will serve them with applesauce and sausage patties. Yum! Someday I will attempt to make potato pancakes from scratch, but I just know I'll cut my knuckles grating all those potatoes! I have heard of using frozen shredded potatoes - maybe I'll try that instead. :)

My newest friend Lissaloo from the blog One Step At A Time suggested that we start an online blog book club, so we did! We also have a third co-author, Jen, who is new to blogging. It is called One Book At A Time and I really hope you will all go and check it out. I really like this idea because I love to read and I am excited to be exposed to new authors.

Happy eating!


  1. Yum, we love potato pancakes!
    The grater scares me too, I buy mine all ready shredded usually :) :) :)
    I can't wait to get reading!

  2. I signed up for the book club :) should be fun :) got the book ordered today; it looks interesting

    interesting; I'll have to check out Hungry Jack and their mix to make the potato pancakes; you are right, so much more easier than grating those potatoes