Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fancy Grilled Cheese

I love a good old-fashioned grilled cheese sandwich, but sometimes you need a little extra oomphf. So tonight I will make grilled cheese, but on rye bread, with tomato slices, and one slice each of american, cheddar, and swiss cheese. These are SO good you could serve them to company with a big pot of homemade soup. Everyone loves comfort food, after all. Unfortunately, I will not be making homemade soup tonight, Campbell's will have to do.

After cleaning the house today, I decorated it will all my Halloween decorations. It looks very festive in here - I love it! I can't wait to buy pumpkins and make pumpkin seeds, all my family and friends love my crispy, salty pumpkin seeds. I also love to carve the pumpkins and put them on the front porch. I try to buy at least 4-6 pumpkins - my husband thinks I'm crazy, but I only get to do it once a year! On Nov. 1st this will all come down and the Thanksgiving decorations will go up. Then on Nov. 28th the turkeys will come down and I give myself one week without ANY decorations before "decking the halls" for Christmas. By New Year's Day I am usually itching to take down all the decorations and get my house back to normal.

The news reports here are filled with talk about the Olympic bid that Chicago has in the ring for the 2016 games. A lot of people think this would be a good thing for Chicago, bringing jobs and a boost to our economy with all the tourists. However, our city is just as cash-strapped as every other city out there and most people are worried that Joe Taxpayer is going to end up footing the bill. Plus, it is no secret that crime, mostly from gangs, is a major problem here - especially on the south side where they want to hold most of the events. I personally hope we don't get them. Is there anyone out there who lived in or near a host city for any other Olympic games? Atlanta, perhaps? I would love to hear how it affected your daily life (and tax bill).

Happy eating!


  1. So, how do I go about cooking a pumpkin to puree? I am hoping you will post about your pumpkin seeds, I would love to try them! From the news reports it sounds like more people in Chicago are opposed then for having it there, it sounds like a HUGE amount of money will be spent.

  2. I love gussied-up grilled cheese! My favorite is provolone & tomato on sun-dried tomato/basil bread! And you GOTTA have the tomato soup with it! :) Love all things pumpkin, too!

    I understand the mixed feeling about the Olympics - I suppose it's both an honor and a pain in the butt! Hope whatever happens things work out for the people who live there!

  3. I love grilled cheese! Mine is usually boring though--it just has cheddar cheese and maybe a little mustard and that's it.

  4. those grilled cheese sandwiches sound good; I never thought of putting more than one kind of cheese on mine, or tomatos for that matter. sounds yummy!

    closest I came to the Olympics was when they were in Los Angeles (I think 1984) and we were in San Diego at the time. I know San Diego hosted some of the events and there were more tourists here but I'm not sure if it impacted us with taxes, etc. Can't remember back that far (LOL)