Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Fancy Grilled Cheese

I love comfort foods and very high on that list is the simple grilled cheese sandwich. I also have a "fancy" grilled cheese recipe that I love and I just found a new one! In the November issue of Everyday With Rachel Ray magazine they reviewed four restaurants across the U.S. with off-beat grilled cheese sandwiches and we are trying one of them tonight. It is from The Cheese Factory Restaurant in Wisconsin Dells, WI and The Specs are "a double-decker sourdough sandwich layered with four-year-aged Wisconsin sharp cheddar and baby Swiss, a pinch of grated romano, tomatoes and Italian herbs." YUM! I don't think I will make mine double-decker, but otherwise I'm sticking to the ingredients.

Last night we had leftovers for dinner and on Thursday I made my favorite Pepperoni Pan Pizzas.

I bought my pumpkins yesterday. I got them at Aldi for $2 each and they are pretty good sized, about 15 lbs. each. I can't wait to clean them out and roast the seeds and carve them! Fun! I also have been buying a bag or two of candy each week for the last few weeks. We get tons of trick-or-treaters here. I must admit I am worried about the weather for this year's trick-or-treating. Last year we had PERFECT weather, temps in the 70's with clear skies, truly perfect. So of course this year is gonna suck, right? There is no way we will get great weather again. I guess I will just pray that it doesn't rain; cold I can deal with, but rain would ruin it. Anyway, my daughter is going to be Corrine from Barbie and the Three Musketeers. We have the dress and sword and boots and we are going to make the mask this week. What are your little ones going to be? Have you started buying candy yet?

The meal plan for the week is: Chicken Parmesan (STILL), New Fancy Grilled Cheese (above), Lativan Meatsauce, frozen pizza (always), Breakfast, and Shepherd's Pie.

Happy eating!


  1. those cheese sandwiches sound delicious! all my little ones are grown and I'm not even sure what we are going to do for Halloween this year; our church as a harvest festival so we've been buying candy to donate to that; I'm sure we'll either hang out there and help or give out candy at home

    one year when we lived in Montana we had 75-plus mile an hour winds on Halloween; thankfully our church had a festival that we went to; that would not have been fun to trick or treat in


  2. Those grilled cheese sound amazing! We bought pumpkins last week and were planning on carving them today, one of them was all squishy this morning, yuck.

  3. The fancy grilled cheese sandwich sounds good!

    I was planning to buy a bag or two of candy each week like you did, but I keep forgetting! We'll be buying our pumpkins this week.

    My daughter is going to be a good witch for Halloween. She's not sure if she wants to go trick or treating or stay home and wear her costume to hand out candy.