Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lasagna & Guest Blogger

Today I am the guest blogger over on This Stop Willoughby! I love Willoughby's blog, she always has great topics and challenges and some of the best drink recipes you'll ever taste. Recently she has been having a Cocktail Party of guest bloggers to promote friendship and help us all find some new blogs to enjoy - please go over and check it out! I got that fancy new picture to the right for participating - cool, huh? :) I have also found a bunch of great new blogs to follow, so thanks again Willoughby!

Tonight I will be making lasagna for dinner. I know there a million recipes for it, some with meat, some with cottage cheese, some with white sauce, the list could go on indefinitely. I make mine by layering no-boil noodles with pasta sauce from a jar, and ricotta cheese mixed with an egg and shredded mozzarella. Easy-peasy. If you haven't tried no-boil noodles, you should. They make making lasagna so much easier!

Happy eating!


  1. I have never tried the no boil kind, they make me nervous. I will give them a try next time we make lasagna :)

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I hope you enjoy being guest blogger!

    I've never used the no-boil noodles, I should try them. I usually soak standard noodles in hot tap water and a touch of oil for about 20 minutes before I assemble my lasagna. I hate to boil them, I always have problems with them sticking together.

  3. I love the no boil noodles when I make lasagna! yum too on the lasagna! congrats on being a guest blogger over there; I'll go and check her blog out :)

    (I changed my picture/signature for blog comments; didn't want you to get confused who was commenting on your blog :)


  4. I use the same method as Willoughby...because that's how my mom taught me. However, I may have to give the "no-boils" a try!