Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Night Pizza

Hi all! It is Friday night and we are ordering a pizza - half cheese, half pepperoni. Yum! Last night we had leftovers for dinner; I had Indian Corn Stew and the hubbie had Salisbury Steak.

Today my daughter's school had a Bowl-A-Thon and I was a volunteer. This is the second time I have ridden a bus in one week in over 20 years! They still smell gross, by the way. LOL It was a good time! The kids were very well behaved (again) and bowled with their chapel families. The chapel family consists of 1-2 kids from each grade in the school, and they work together in chapel time on Wednesdays. I got a sore throat from yelling over all the noise and loud music, but I loved it. I caught myself shouting encouragement just like I did when I was a cheerleader in high school - it's scary how it comes back to you like it was yesterday. My daughter bowled a 112 the first game and a 62 the second game and then got a STRIKE in the first frame of the third game! Of course this was done with bumpers, but it was her first time bowling ever, so I was one proud mama! Plus I got to work with the school's first grade teacher, so I have an "in" with her for next year - haha!

It was also the first time my daughter showed that she was slightly embarrassed of me >GASP!< in public. She told me to "tone it down, mom" when I was clapping for her. I was so shocked that I just said "okay". I knew this day was coming, but I didn't think it would be so soon. I have received some negative criticism for having her in 1/2 day kindergarten (instead of full day), and I do it precisely for this reason - the day will come (way too soon) where she will want little-to-nothing to do with me, so I am relishing all the mommy-time I can get now. Is that so wrong? I think that some of these parents who are shoving their kids into pre-school as soon as possible are going to regret it someday and I don't want to have that regret. Every family had to do what works for them, right? What do you think?

Happy eating!


  1. I remember chaperoning a few bowling trips with my kids!

    I can't believe anyone is criticizing you for putting your daughter in half-day kindergarten! Both of my kids were in half-day classes and I loved it! I was lucky enough that both kids got morning class so we could have lunch when they got home and then play all afternoon.

    As far as preschool goes, my son did two years of preschool, first at age three and then at age four. My daughter only did one year when she was four. For both of them it was only a few hours three days a week so I think it was good for them. It was basically play and art time and gave them a glimpse of what being at school would be like.

  2. Seashell was in 1/2 day kindergarten too. When she looks back, the half day she used to spend with me hold the best memories! Back then, she came to the office with me a few days, we went to lunch and just spent some of the best times together. She is equal or ahead of kids who went to full-day. We make the best choices that we can at the time and it all works out! Thanks for telling us about your day, it sounds like you had so much fun!

    We had take out pizza for dinner too!

  3. I want to keep mine home as long as possible, I miss the little stinkers when they are gone :)

  4. congrats to your daughter for having such success with her first bowling adventure! bumpers or not, that was still great scores plus a strike! awesome!

    good that you had the option for 1/2 or all day kindergarten. I know some school districts here (and I know your daughter is in a private school) only over full day kindergarten. I think it is too long of a day for the young ones. They still need mom time


  5. Thank you all for your positive feedback - I actually had a mom tell me to "get a life" when I told her I was doing 1/2 day kindergarten because I wanted my daughter home with me. Unreal how rude some people can be - hurtful too. I think that preschool is good for kids, but not all day every day. My kid went 2 days a week for 4 hours each. Of course, some moms have to work and have no choice, but I am not going to put my kid in school all day just so I can go shopping or get a manicure.