Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dirty Rice

Tonight's meal is going to be Dirty Rice. I do not make it from scratch, I use Zatarain's Dirty Rice mix and a pound of ground beef. First you brown the beef and drain off the fat, then add 2 1/2 cups of water and the rice/seasoning mix and bring to a boil, then cover and simmer for 25 minutes. It is not a super-fast meal, but you can walk away from it while it is simmering to do other things. It is on the spicy side, but not too spicy. I am not a big fan of spicy - my mouth has a tolerable burn after eating a bowl of this stuff and it's perfect with a cold glass of milk.

Today was picture day at school and I hope the picture is nice. Sometimes my daughter does that 'robot smile', all kids have their own version of it, you know what I mean. It's more like they are trying to show you their teeth rather than a true smile. Anyway, she didn't have to wear her uniform for the picture, so I tried to pick a shirt that was not to 'busy' with stripes or a pattern, but that also went with a bottom that worked for the weather and the dress code. It was no small feat, but I found an acceptable yet cute ensemble and of course my daughter did not want to wear it. After cajoling then yelling then threatening, she finally put it on. >sigh< Thank goodness she has to wear a uniform 99% of the time!

Happy eating!


  1. that dirty rice sounds yummy! I'm with you; I'm not fond of too spicy of things

    picture days are always so fun! I used to help volunteer for them (when they needed volunteers) when my kids were in school. hoping the pictures come out great :)


  2. I am not a big fan of spicy either :)
    I quite ordering school pictures, mine would always make the strangest faces, lol :)

  3. Dirty rice sounds good!

    I had to laugh at your skills in wardrobe persuasion. This is totally my life lately. Who knew that a five year old could have such an opinion! Then there's the weather and what's appropriate for school... I'd love to be all zen and calm, but seriously getting my daughter dressed feels like I've gone 9 rounds with the champ. I'll start out being all clever and persuasive, but I always end up yelling. Geesh.

    I hope your daughter's picture turns out well!

  4. Ha! My daughter has one of those "robot smiles" too! Drives me nuts! Of course, my 2nd grade picture is horrible - I was trying to imitate someone I had a crush on...who had buck teeth. :)

  5. Oh, I LOVE spicy foods.

    But my husband does not so I have to tone things down.

  6. The Dirty Rice sounds great and I do love the name!