Monday, September 21, 2009

Soup & Grilled Cheese

It is a fairly cool day here, cloudy and breezy and we'll be lucky if we reach 72 degrees. For dinner I am going to make Campbells soup, minestrone for me and tomato rice for my husband, along with grilled cheese made on thick sliced Vienna bread with American and Cheddar cheeses. Yum!

Saturday I made a fresh double batch of the lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and did some house cleaning. That night we went to LaVilla Restaurant and used the gift card we got from my FiL for our anniversary. We also had a coupon for a free appetizer, so we got the bruschetta which was delicious. They also bring you olive oil with roasted garlic in it and warm fresh bread for dipping. I ordered the angel hair pasta with garlic and oil sauce and it was SO good, and my husband got the fettucini alfredo. He was able to finish his, but I had to get a doggie bag. We also got dinner salads with our meals, so I was practically stuffed before our food even came!

On Sunday was my daughter's birthday party. The morning was spent cleaning the house and cleaning up and decorating the yard. Our good friend T. loaned us her big bouncy house, which took up most of the yard. :) Then I made homemade pizzas and the guests started arriving. The girls had a BLAST bouncing around! We sang happy birthday and opened presents and about a half hour before the party was to end it started raining! So we ran inside and boy was I glad the house was clean! The girls had fun playing (destroying) our daughter's playroom until their moms arrived. All in all, it was a great success. Hooray! But I'm glad I only have to do that once a year. :)

Happy eating!


  1. What a fun Party! I bet your little one loved it :) I love the convenience of canned soup, we did alphabet chicken soup last night, now that it's cooler here I can finally start making soup again, yay! :)

  2. I was wondering what to make for dinner on this cool, rainy day and here you were! Soup & grilled cheese it is here! I can always count on you for great meal ideas.

  3. I like "simple" dinners like you are making tonight especially on cool evenings, enjoy!

    sounds like a great dinner out on Saturday night; glad you got some alone time with hubby

    also glad your daughter's party went well and the rain didn't come until towards the end of it :)


  4. What a shame it rained on your daughter's party. At least they got to enjoy the bounce house for a while!

    We're in the middle of an unseasonable hot and humid spell, but I'm ready for soup weather. Soup and grilled cheese sounds good!