Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day Weekend

We have been enjoying a lovely long weekend and I hope that you have been doing the same! In fact, you are all having so much fun that you haven't noticed I haven't been posting, right? You are all too busy doing fun things outside that you haven't even turned on your computers! Ha ha!

Friday night we had pizza as usual. We had another Tombstone Garlic Bread cheese pizza; I really love those. I threw on some extra shredded cheddar and it was delicious. Even my picky daughter who will usually only eat pizzeria pizza will eat this one.

Saturday we got up and out early and went down to Lincoln Park and just strolled around. We went to a toy store and picked out some things for our daughters birthday. They won't be a 'surprise', but she doesn't care. Then we stopped in Starbucks for coffee and croissants. We wandered around a little more and admired the architecture, and then hopped in the car and drove over to Wicker Park where we let our daughter run around and play. Then it was back in the car for a trip up to the northern suburbs where we had lunch at Al's Beef. I found out that they are discontinuing their subs, but will still do the veggie sub since they still have all those ingredients - yea!. Then we went to Menard's for home project supplies and checked out all the fun Halloween decor that they have set up (already). We also got a new swing and a set of rings to hang from the backyard tree for our daughter.

On Sunday I got some work done around the house upstairs, while my husband got some projects done in the basement. Then we went to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays; I had the top sirloin with broccoli and mashed potatoes and salad bar - yum! I also had the strawberry lemonade, but it was very tart - I won't order it again. My daughter ordered the grilled cheese and it was made with hamburger buns - very disappointing. Can't they even use real bread for cryin' out loud? It just seemed very cheap to me. My husband had a burger and salad bar and was very happy with it. When we got home our daughter played outside on her new swing and rings until it was dark.

This morning I let my husband sleep late and I kept our kid occupied with coloring, breakfast, and a new TV show on PBS called Dinosaur Train. Then our neighbor J. called and asked if our kid could come over and play with her kid for an hour or so. Woo-hoo! The husband and I spent some quality time together! The rest of the day was spent being lazy. For dinner I made Cajun Chicken Sandwiches, which are just chicken breasts sprinkled with Cajun seasoning and cooked in a skillet. I served them with sliced onion, tomato, lettuce and mayo on french bread. I meant to make a cold pasta salad to go with it, but I forgot. My daughter, who loves spicy things, even ate the chicken - cut up in pieces, not in a sandwich. Her top two front teeth are loose and can be painful when she bites into things, like sandwiches.

Now I am finally posting and plan to check all the blogs I read and check some other websites while enjoying a glass of wine! It was a great weekend, but I look forward to getting back to our routine. I hope you all had wonderful long holiday weekends too!

Happy eating!


  1. sounds like it was a fantastic weekend! I like that you took the time to spend with family rather than being at the computer; sometimes we let blogs consume us, so glad you did fun things with hubby and daughter. Ruby Tuesday just opened a restaurant here about 6 months ago; we haven't checked it out yet but plan to do so soon

    we did have a nice weekend :) finally cooled down a bit which was very nice :)


  2. It sounds like you had a great weekend! I was away from the computer quite a bit myself. I'm trying to get caught up with everyone this morning.