Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Italian Sausages

I am dragging George out of the cabinet tonight and using it to cook italian sausages. (George would be my George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine.) I will serve them on hot dog buns with a cucumber-red onion salad dressed with salt, pepper, rice vinegar, and olive oil. I wish I had some sweet & spicy sauce, but I don't. :(

Across the street from my husband's company is a cheese distributor where we buy sliced american cheese in bulk for a great price. Their company has been there as long as my husbands company, and the families have become friends over the years as the businesses passed from generation to generation. Anyway, sometimes the owner will give us samples of things like different cheeses or Vegeta, and one time we got a jar of oriental sweet & spicy sauce. I didn't think I would like it (and only tried it after much coaxing from my husband), but I loved it. What have you tried lately? Did you love it or hate it?

Funny story: Many, many years ago, I was out to dinner with my parents and brother and I ordered calamari for an appetizer. My brother asked if he could try it and I said yes. He really like it and I was happy to share. As the plates were cleared away, he asked "so, what is calamari anyway?". When I replied that it was squid he turned the palest shade of green. hahahaha!

Happy eating!


  1. lol, I love it! Poor guy :) Our grocery store always has little ones in the meat section, Miss M always has to look for them :)
    I have never been a big guac. or avacodo fan, but when my sis was visiting she made that yummy avocado salsa and now I am hooked!

  2. We've become hooked on Sriracha. I find it extremely hot, so I only use a tiny bit on my food, but my husband and my son use lots. I don't think we've found anything that it isn't good on.

    Calamari....I just can't bring myself to try it. I love most seafood, but the texture of calamari scares me!

  3. I hopped over here from One Step at a Time to say congrats on your award! I have always wanted to try using a pressure cooker. My grandmother used one a lot.