Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Veggie Pitas

Tonight we are having Veggie Pitas for dinner. Last time I posted this recipe I called them Veggie Gyros, which I found out was incorrect; really it was the fault of the magazine from which I got the recipe. You see, to be called a gyros they must have gyros meat in them, and seeing as these have veggies only they must be called pitas. Are we all clear on this now? :) The recipe can be found by clicking here. It also contains the story of how my husband annoyed me and led to my vow never to shop with him again.

Today after I dropped off my daughter at school, I came home and did the dishes before running out to Target. I figured I would let the morning rush hour die down before heading to the closest Target, which is a little further into the city. BIG mistake. I should have jumped on the expressway OUT of the city to the next closest Target in the northern suburbs. But no, I got about halfway to the city one when I ran into serious traffic and it took me almost twice as long to get there. Ugh. But I got there and it would not have been a big deal, except they didn't have the dress size I needed at that location and I had to go to the suburban one anyway. Sheesh! Thank goodness the outbound expressway was open, I made it in record time.

The dress is a dress-up ballet dress for my daughter, and I was buying it for my father-in-law to give to her. He had asked for my help in the shopping department for birthdays and Christmas, so I called and told him I would be going to Target and would he like me to pick something up for him, to which he of course said yes. I knew she really wanted that dress because we saw it at the store on Sunday, but I told her it was too expensive. I should have just gone back to that suburban store, but no, I had to try to save time by going to the closer one. What is that saying? If you want to make God laugh, make a plan. Or would this be more of a Murphy's Law moment? Ugh. The things we do for our kids!

Happy eating!


  1. Oo I love Target.

    Tonight we're having beef stew. I hope it's edible.

  2. cute the difference between a gyros and a pita; I would have called it a gyros and moved on, LOL; funny how sometimes men get so attentive to details

    good for you for getting an early start on holiday shopping; we have a Super Target about 2 miles from us; literally a hop and skip away and then another one about 2 miles another way from us but not a Super Target. Love that store :)

    yep, it is amazing what we do for our kids; I can't tell you how many times I have done silly things to get the kids what was on their Christmas list

    have a great Wednesday


  3. Gyros/Pitas...whatever they are, they sound good! :)

    Oh, and I got stuck in traffic at Wal-Mart last night...the traffic at the checkout, that is!

  4. ooohhhhhhh Target :( I miss Target :( :( The nearest Target is about 2 hours away :(
    I have tried these since you last posted about them, they are wonderful! YUM :)