Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sloppy Joes & Mac 'n' Cheese

When my husband called at 3:30pm to let me know he would be home around 4:15pm I asked if he was hungry and he said he was ravenous! So I rattled off the dinner plan and he chose sloppy joes with mac'n'cheese.

We prefer to make the sloppy joes with ground beef (brown it and drain off the fat), a can of tomato paste, water, and a McCormick's Sloppy Joe seasoning packet. For some reason we don't like the canned sauce, and honestly we haven't had it in so long I can't remember why. :) The mac'n'cheese was the deluxe variety from Aldi for $1.30; techinically it was shells'n'cheese - whatever, it was yummy! For extra cheesy shells'n'cheese I don't use all the noodles in the box. I always take out about 1/4 cup of the noodles and throw them in a noodle box I have in my cabinet.

The noodle box is where I throw macaroni, shells, rotini, etc. when I am not using all the noodles that come in a box. When I have enough I use them in my cold tuna salad or serve them with chili. My daughter thinks it is so silly to have different kinds of noodles together!

Happy eating!


  1. How cute, I love your noodle box idea. My family likes that mix too, I made sloppy joes totally from scratch once and NO ONE (but me) liked it. So it was back to the mix for me :)

  2. I like that noodle idea; we have lots of bits and pieces, I'll call them, of noodles not needed for a recipe; I think I'll put them all together in some type of salad like you did with the tuna salad; that could be fun to eat :)

    I like sloppy joes but we haven't made them in ages, surprisingly the kids didn't like them :(

    I hope your dinner came out great!


  3. I do that with noodles, too! I use them to add to soup or pasta salad.

  4. Brilliant noodle box idea! I'm going to start doing that myself!

    My husband hates sloppy joes (boo!) but I make them for me when he's working nights - I make them very similar to yours!