Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sausage Potato Bake

My dad owns two houses, the one I grew up in and one across the street where my grandmother lived. He is going to rent the extra house, since this is not the time to try to sell a house, but it needs some cleaning before the renters move in. So yesterday I spent 3 hours scrubbing the bathroom over there; it was a disaster. I was so exhausted when I got home that I just threw a frozen pizza in the oven for dinner. I was in bed by 9:30pm - I am old! haha! I will be going back next week to work on the kitchen which is another disaster. Ugh.

Tonight we are going to have Sausage Potato Bake which is from Allrecipes and you can get the recipe by clicking here. Basically you throw some potatoes, smoked sausage, condensed beef vegetable soup, and cream of mushroom soup in your slow cooker. I am also going to add a chopped onion. This recipe got rave reviews and it is so easy I had to try it. I'll admit that it sounds a little weird to me, but those usually tend to be the recipes that I love, so I'll give you my review tomorrow.

Today we are going to take a walk to the library to pick up two books that are on hold for us, and from there we will walk to my husbands work to drop off a surprise letter for him from our daughter. Then this afternoon we are babysitting for our neighbor because she is going to run in a 5K race tonight - good luck J.! I am sure you'll do great! Have a wonderful day everyone...

Happy eating!


  1. that looks yummy; I had never visited that site before (AllRecipes); I'll definitely be back to check it out more

    enjoy the day :)


  2. Thanks just what I needed, another recipe to add to my stuffed AR recipe box ;)

  3. The recipe sounds tasty and easy. Have a fun day!