Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pizza On The Grill, Take 2

My first attempt at cooking pizza dough on the grill went relatively well, so I am doing it again. I learned a few things the first time, such as: don't roll the dough out too thin, and adding the sugar to the warm water helps proof the yeast. It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood; mostly sunny, high of 80, strong lake breeze - gorgeous! In other words a perfect day to be outside using the grill.

The recipe for the Grill Dough can be found at Allrecipes by clicking here. I will separate the dough to make two crusts so I can make two kinds of pizza. One I will top with tomato sauce, green pepper, red onion and lots of mozzarella cheese. The other will get garlic oil, fresh tomato slices, fresh chopped basil and lots of mozzarella cheese.

I don't follow the exact recipe for the Grill Dough - using the sugar in the water is the first thing I do different. Splitting the dough to make two pizzas is the second. I also followed the advice at This Stop Willoughby and cooked the dough about 3-4 minutes per side first, then added my toppings and put it back on the grill for the cheese to melt. If you have never cooked pizza on the grill you really should try it; 1) it's fun, 2) it gives the pizza crust a really great flavor, and 3) you don't have to turn on your oven! (anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I hate turning on my oven in the summer!)

I went to the store earlier today to get a card and gift for my good friend A. (who I have known since we were knee high to a duck). She recently graduated from nursing school, passed the NCLEX, and is now an official RN! CONGRATS A.! I am so proud of you - I knew you could do it! I can't tell you what I got her since she reads this, but I can say that I cannot WAIT to see her at the party this weekend.

Happy eating!


  1. Yum, someday I will get brave enough to try this. Congrats to your friend that is very exciting! =)

  2. I've been eyeing that Grill Pizza recipe for a long time!!

    Congrats to your friend on her accomplishment!