Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Pizza

Tonight we ordered two pizzas, one cheese and one sausage - yum! It was good with some ice cold RC soda. Do they sell RC everywhere, or is it a regional thing like Vitner's chips or Vienna beef? That also has me wondering, do you call it soda or pop where you live? Why do I wonder about such bizarre things? LOL

I got my grocery shopping done and I went a little over budget. Oops! In my defense, there were a lot of good deals out there today and so I grabbed a few extras. The dinner ideas for the next week are: Hot Dogs with Hash Browns and Baked Beans, Chicken Quesadillas, Caprese Sandwiches, Grilled Beef Kebabs, Oven French Toast with Sausage Patties, and Chicken Finger Tacos.

There is a contest over at one of my favorite blogs Crumbs In The Minivan, so go check it out! The Crumbs are a great family and the posts by Mrs. Crumb always make me smile. It's nice to know there are other families out there going through the same craziness as we are, right?

Happy eating!


  1. they have RC here in So. California; we call it soda here

    pizza sounded yummy!


  2. I really wanted to order out pizza tonight, it stills sounds good. I haven't seen RC since I was a kid. hmmmmm I think we go with pop =)