Friday, May 29, 2009

Pizza & Chicken

Hey all, we are ordering pizza tonight, but I did cook something today that I will share with you. My daughter loves to eat chicken, but instead of serving her nuggets all the time I make 'chicken bites' for her. I simply take boneless, skinless chicken breasts and season them with Rotisserie Chicken Seasoning from McCormick, then I cook them in some olive oil in a covered skillet, about 8 minutes per side over medium heat. I let them cool and cut them up into bite size pieces. That's it! She will eat them cold from the fridge for lunch or a snack. I also use them tossed on top of a salad for a light lunch for myself. The seasoning tastes just like the whole rotisserie chicken you can get in the deli section of the store.
Happy eating!

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