Saturday, May 23, 2009

Christie's Restaurant

I did not cook dinner tonight, we went out to eat at Christie's Restaurant in Wood Dale. I had the most delicious bowl of Creamy Reuben Soup, which sounds weird, but if you love Reuben sandwiches like I do, it's a bowl of yummy. My 'main course' was a Caesar Chicken Wrap which was quite good, with a side of fries, a slice of cantaloupe and a slice of pineapple.

We went to my dad's house this afternoon and had a nice visit, and then we trekked across the street to my grandmother's old house, which was then my brother's house, and is now empty. Well, empty is the wrong word to use because the house is still full of stuff, but no one lives there. My dad has been asking us to come take a look to see if there is anything we want to take for ages and I am glad we finally made it out there.

After going through everything, which took longer than any of us anticipated, it was dinnertime. So after much debate about where to go, I said "Let's just go to Christie's already" and we did. It is a small, local place where everyone is super friendly and the food is consistently good. My mom used to love the place, and I would go there often when I worked out that way. The best thing on the menu are their soups, which are homemade and delicious. Happy eating!

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