Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pomodoro Pasta

The tomatoes I bought last Friday are starting to not look very healthy, so I am going to make the Pomodoro Pasta tonight. It is a really great dish with fresh ingredients, even better in the summer when you can use things directly from your garden.

Last night we had Cheese Enchiladas; warm and gooey from the oven with spanish rice on the side. Yum!

Yesterday I was the playground mom again and the kids were so busy playing with the snow that they forgot to be rotten to each other - it was great! I only had to scold a couple boys for throwing snow, but thankfully they were just throwing it in the air, not at each other. :)

Tonight the temps are supposed to drop considerably and tomorrows high is 12 degrees. YIKES! I hope where ever you are, you are happy and warm!

Happy eating!


  1. It's been about -2 here all week, we are freezing! Those cheesy enchiladas sound very warming and tasty :)

  2. Warm in the house...but a blizzard is raging outside! Yikes!

    But wow, those cheese enchiladas sound yum yum yum! You always solve my meal dilemmas!

  3. that pasta sounds good! I think it would go great with grilled chicken! brrrrrr with the temps; stay warm!


  4. The pomodora pasta sounds dreamy...perfect for a winter day! We've finally gotten ourselves dug out from that crazy midwestern winter storm and the temperature yesterday morning was -13 degrees farenheit! Yikes!