Monday, December 7, 2009

Indian Corn Stew

Hi all! Hope you had a good weekend. Ours was kind of low key, but nice. Friday night I made a frozen pizza and on Saturday we ordered one - we love pizza! Yesterday we had a late lunch and weren't feeling too hungry so we had leftovers for dinner. Tonight I am going to make Indian Corn Stew which is the perfect warm and yummy dinner for this cold, snowy day.

I got our indoor Christmas decorations and tree up today after running some errands. Yesterday we went to Target and bought snowpants for our daughter (among other things), and they forgot to give us the bag with them in it! Ugh. So I had to go back today; thankfully they didn't give me any hassle about it. I also picked up a bag of rock salt for the sidewalks and stamps for the Christmas cards. Then I got the tree up and put the lights on before picking up my daughter from school. She was very strict with her instructions that I was NOT to decorate the tree without her. :) We had a great time putting the ornaments on the tree and putting the other decorations around the house while White Christmas blared from the TV.

Then when we were done she scampered into her room to play and I sat down on the couch - and burst into tears. This is our first Christmas without my husbands mom and our fifth without my mom, and it just kinda hit me that there are no grandmas to celebrate Christmas with this year. I always thought my daughter would have the same experiences with her grandmas that I had with mine, who both lived well into my twenties, and I cannot imagine her growing up without either of them. My grandpas were nice guys, but kinda distant from me. My dad and FiL are much more hands-on with my kid, but they are no grandmas. >sigh<

Sorry, I didn't mean to be such a bummer. On a happier note, we got our first snowfall last night, about 1", and everything looks prettier covered in white. We are supposed to get another 3-6" late Tuesday night. I like when the snow falls overnight because the city of Chicago does an awesome job of making sure the streets are clean for the morning rush.

Happy eating!


  1. I'm sorry, Holidays always seem to make it harder when you are missing loved ones.

    We love pizza here too, it takes us quite a few nights of pizza for us to get pizza'd out :)

    BTW- I just finished Austenland, and LOVED it! Thank you so much for the recommend!!!!

  2. I'm sorry you are feeling down! Maybe if you could find some way to incorporate the grandmas in...remember them in some special way for the holidays...then your family won't really be without them!

  3. We also love pizza over here. We have it at least twice per week...sometimes more.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your mom and your mother in law. It must be hard to get into the holiday spirit when you're missing loved ones.

  5. I forgot to comment on this yesterday; I saw it on my Dashboard but must have gotten distracted about something

    I'm so sorry your mom and your MIL are not there to celebrate the holidays with you; I know it has to be hard especially with you wanting to share those special times with your daughter

    it is neat though that she wanted to be part of the decorating

    I think it is hard when the complete family is not there; you try to do the best you can but something is lacking and missing; hugs to you!