Friday, November 6, 2009

Pepperoni Pan Pizza

It is Friday night which is pizza night in our house! I am going to make Pepperoni Pan Pizzas which are my favorite pizzas ever. Seriously, I got this recipe from Cook's Country in August and have made this pizza about 8 times. We are addicted. lol

This is also going to be a very short post because my back is killing me. My daughter wanted to rake leaves yesterday and I thought I could use some fresh air and exercise so I went out to help her. The garbage can was full of leaves so I lifted her up and let her jump on the leaves to pack them down. When I was lifting her out I felt a *pop* and then pain. When am I going to remember that she isn't 2 anymore and now weighs 50 lbs? When am I going to remember that I am not 26 anymore, but am now 36? Ugh. I'm going to get some Advil and a heating pad. (Of course, this will NOT stop me from making my favorite pizza. You know I love to cook and love this pizza if I will work through pain for it! haha!)

Happy eating!


  1. Pan pizza sounds awesome! I don't know what I'm going to make for dinner. I wish I had something quick and easy. I don't feel too bad, but having a bad cold has drained my energy.

  2. ouch with the back!! it is amazing when our bodies let us down isn't it?? hoping you feel better with it soon and that you enjoyed the pizza :)

    (I think I'll explain how Koda got his name in a blog post since I'm trying to do an entry every day; it is a cute story :) thanks for thinking of it :)


  3. Oh, back pain is the worst! I have been through it a few times. The first time was taking my son out of a car seat many years ago. By the time I got home that day I couldn't move and was flat on my back for days. Ever since, I take special care to protect it.

    Take care of yourself!