Thursday, November 12, 2009

No More Roasts

I am done. Yesterday I made a roast for dinner, but it will be the last one. I just can't get it right. Click here to hear about how the last one went, and click here for the recipe. If you don't feel like clicking, here's the condensed story: I have made 3 roasts in the past and they all came out awful. I swore never to make one again. Then my FiL gave me a roast and when I made it for him it came out wonderful! So I thought I would try again, and I did yesterday, but it was awful again, so I am done. No more roasts for me.

I am going to take it easy on myself tonight and make spaghetti. I am really loving the Hunt's Zesty & Spicy Spaghetti Sauce, it's got a nice kick to it. I have a salad in the fridge and some texas toast I'll throw in the oven. Easy-peasy. Plus I love to have the spaghetti leftovers for lunch.

Happy eating!


  1. It's a shame your roast wasn't good! I hate to take the time to cook something and not like the results.

    Enjoy your spaghetti!

  2. I think you are right; its the cut of the meat that makes the difference on roasts. I have a great recipe for one but I have to use rump roast (or there's another name for it, I always have to ask the butchers at the grocery store because I forget the other name, LOL). If I use anything different, it is dry and chewy. If I use the rump roast, it literally melts in your mouth. Basically, the recipe is a package of the dry italian seasoning, 8 ounces of tomato sauce and some other seasonings, and I think 1/2 cup of water. Anyway, you mix everything together, bring it to a boil, then pour it over the roast in the crockpot; cook for 6-8 hours low. I add carrots/potatoes. Delicious (if right meat is used:)

    spaghetti is alwaysa winner too!

    (finished the book last night; it was good :)


  3. I can never remember what cut of meat is the best, we had a really bad roast not to long ago it is very disappointing for sure. Spaghetti nights are wonderful though ( except for the Parmesan cheese mess my kiddos leave, lol)

  4. I love roasts but my husband is weird and doesn't like them.

  5. I have two roast recipes that always come out good. One is for the crock pot by Sandra Lee and the other is one for the oven bu Giada DeLaurentiis that we just had last week and it was delicious. I always use a chuck roast, about 5 lbs.