Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beef & Rice Fiesta Casserole

Coconuts are available at my local grocery store, year-round, for only $2. Good to know! The one I bought said that it was E-Z Open and had a scored line around it where, after draining out the milk inside by poking holes in the "eyes", you just tap it with a hammer and it breaks open. Wrong! I had to whack a screwdriver with a hammer really hard against that score to get the thing to open! Then you have to pry out the meat inside which was no picnic either. I am never volunteering to do anything with coconuts again. :)

Boy, I am really behind on posting meals, but I have not done anything new lately so I haven't felt inspired to post. Tonight we are having Beef & Rice Fiesta casserole, which is a recipe I got from my brother. Last night we had Dirty Rice and the night before that we had Chicken Kievs and the night before that we had Spaghetti. See? Nothing exciting. The meal plan for next week is Creamy Chicken Rice Soup (NEW), Pork Roast, Nachos, Salisbury Steak, and Cajun Chicken Sandwiches.

Kathy from Two Hands Full Of Daisies asked if there was another way to cook the Sausage, Sauerkraut and Potatoes from my last post instead of using a pressure cooker and I would suggest a slow cooker. If you try it, please let me know how it works out for you! Also, Cynthia from Crumbs In The Minivan asked if I had a substitute for the sauerkraut in the same meal and I have been thinking about it, but nothing really comes to me. Does anyone else out there have any ideas for her?

Happy eating!


  1. That beef and rice dish sounds good! I haven't had red meat in a while, and now I'm craving it! :)

  2. I had to chuckle over the coconut story, those suckers are a pain! My kids ask me to buy them all the time because I did once, once was enough though and that's always an easy thing to say no to :)
    Maybe cabbage instead of the sauerkraut???
    Your casserole sounds great, you have inspired me and I have my January dinners all planned out and written on a calendar. The kids love looking on it to see what we will be having :)

  3. I've had the same trouble with fresh coconuts! They are next to impossible to open if you don't hit them in the exact perfect spot.

    I don't know about a substitute for the sauerkraut, but I have a recipe where you add shredded apple and a bit of apple juice along with it which takes away a little of the potent flavor and adds some sweetness (it's actually a recipe for sauerkraut with spareribs). Maybe she would enjoy that flavor combination?

  4. I got a good laugh about the coconut; glad you found one though. what a good mom you are to go that extra distance too to help the teacher and your daughter and her classmates :)

    all your entrees always sound delicious :)


  5. Um, yeah. My daughter insisted that we buy a whole coconut last year. I ended up heading out to my husband's work bench to retrieve a hammer and screw driver. It was some work gettin' that puppy open! Sounds like good food this week. I'll have to check out that casserole. Hope you hhave a wonderful weekend : )