Sunday, April 4, 2010

Please stand-by...

...we are experiencing technical difficulties.

We are having problems with wi-fi on the laptop and I am using DIAL-UP to post this. Do any of you remember how s.....l.....o.....w dial-up is? Ugh. Sorry all, but I won't be posting again until we are back up and running. I will try to read your blogs and maybe even post a comment or two. Just wanted to let you all know I am okay (if you were wondering). :)

Happy eating!


  1. Glad you are ok! Hope you get your computer up and running soon!

  2. poor you!! we get so spoiled with wifi! I hope you get your problems fixed quickly and I also hope you had a great Easter!


  3. Ugh! Dial up! Not sure how you're managing. I'd be having seizures! And then I'd realize that the internet isn't my life and I'd go play with my kids. :)

    Say...every time you comment on Crumbs, I want to respond to you via email but your email address doesn't show up in your comments... :(