Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Spaghetti Incident

Last night I decided to make spaghetti for dinner. I had a taste for it and was looking forward to the leftovers for lunches this week. The water was boiling, the sauce was bubbling and the breadsticks were in the oven. Then I opened the spaghetti box and slid it out into my hand and it looked... weird. Like it was marbled or something. It smelled okay, so I threw it in the water. But after about 5 minutes the spaghetti wasn't cooking normally. First of all, the noodles got soft unusually fast and they tended to break easily. Plus the water looked slick, almost oily, and the pasta wasn't absorbing the water. I have no idea what was wrong with it - have any of you experienced this? I dumped it all in the colander and then threw the pasta out and started fresh water to boil on the stove. As my husband was walking in the front door from work, I was yelling that we had a pasta emergency as I walked out the back door to go to the store for another box of spaghetti. By the time I got back my fresh water was boiling and we were eating 10 minutes later. Of course he thought I was crazy, but he knows not to mess with me when it comes to my food. (Especially THIS week.) :)

Tonight I made Chicago Style hot dogs, which are hot dogs on poppy seed buns with mustard, onion, tomato, pickle, relish, celery salt, and sport peppers. I don't use the sport peppers though, and my buns were seedless. I served the Aldi brand curly fries with an extra sprinkle of seasoned salt as a side and it was a great meal. You don't need a side salad because it's already on your hot dog! LOL

We got a few inches of snow this morning and it was the heavier kind that is a bitch to shovel, but great for snowballs and snowmen. I was Playground Mom today and I swear I had half the kids in time-out on the fence for throwing snowballs, which they are not allowed to do - school rule, not mine. They are generally good kids and I hate to punish them, but I can't be a push-over either.

Happy eating!


  1. The spaghetti sounds weird. I wonder what caused it do look and cook so strangely. Good thing it didn't derail your dinner entirely!

    We had really wet snow earlier, the sort that melts when it hits pavement. Now it's snowing a dry snow that's sticking. It looks like we've got about an inch or two, but I think it's going to snow more before morning. Bummer! I could do without it!

  2. Too weird. I've had The Spaghetti Incident CD sitting on my dresser for awhile now, and just this morning I was wondering why it was there and why I hadn't put it away.

    That does sound strange, though, your own little spaghetti incident. I don't know what would cause that. I know that I'd have a little mini-crisis if that happened here.

  3. weird about the spaghetti; never saw that happen before; but glad you were still able to pull it together eventually and still enjoy it (which is always a great meal, but boy there are tons of pots associated with that meal, at least for us)

    I know the snow you talk about; it is heavier to shovel, isn't it? but then there's more water in it which is good down the road


  4. Nice save with the spaghetti! That is very strange...never had anything like that happen with my pasta.

    Of course, you were still able to whip it together and no one was the wiser!

  5. I have never heard of anything like your spaghetti incident! Very strange! You gotta be a tough playground Mom or those kids will walk all over you! Good job!

  6. Lol. We are on the same cycle. I totally had that week!

    Too weird about the spaghetti. I wonder what it was?

  7. Very strange! But glad you were able to have your spaghetti dinner in the end!

  8. Now I want a Chicago style hot dog. That sounds amazing.

  9. Hey there,

    Did you think of getting in touch with the manufacturer of the spaghetti and let them know what happened? It does sound strange. They might be (or might have been in this case) interested to know the lot number and the dates on the box. Maybe others had the same problem? Very strange.

    Tonight I am making the BEST dinner ever.... ordered out! LOL! Less mess to clean (and I'm lazy today!)

    Have a GREAT Day!


  10. They sounds so strange, I wonder if they had a bad batch.
    Crochet tips hmmmm I am a horrid teacher, but maybe just slow down a bit so that you can make sure your loop is loose before you hook on another? I have found TONS of great patterns online so holler if you want some links. If you have other questions please ask I will try to help if I can. I am trying to teach my girls and so far they are only making chains. There are yarn chains all over my house :)

  11. Strange spaghetti. I've never heard of that happening before. When my son was home for the holidays he made pasta from scratch. Just flour and eggs. It rocked!

    We had that same snow this morning. Heavy, yes. But so beautiful!